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Hand feed platen

Hand feed platen

SM SYSTEMS can retrofit your Handfeed Platen Press with hot foil stamping unit or supply you a complete machine.

Sizes available : 61x86cm /75x105cm / 85 x 120cm / 100x140cm /120x160cm

This press is mostly dedicated to small or medium runs because of the manual feeding.
Due to its heavy construction you can emboss, foil stamp or die-cut on heavy cartonboard, etc…

The hot foil stamping unit is composed of :

  • 1 heated chase with 3 to 12 heat-insulated zones according to the size of the press
  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 foil feeders for an accurate pull of the foil depending on the size of the die
  • 1 electrical cabinet separated from the machine for the setting of the temperature and a color touch screen for the setting of the pull (step and repeat)
  • 1 foil support under the heated chase from 122m to 610m foil roll length

Hot foil stamping unit

Heated chase for handfeed platen

Heating and foil feeder control panel